General practice
Surgery Day Package

Hectic surgery days are a thing of the past. From pre-op meds to post-op notes, we have you covered!

$2000 / year
Limited to summer 2017

General practice
Consent Form

Get consent form signatures right on your iPad, impress your clients and save time for yourself.

General practice
Anesthetic Sheet

With the first ever electronic veterinary anesthetic sheet, that maps vitals from your monitor automatically, handling your surgical patients will be smooth sailing.

General practice
Surgical Whiteboard

Keep whole team on the same page about surgical patients & reduce the paging through the Surgical Whiteboard.

General practice
Efficiency Tracker

Keep your surgeries flow as productive as possible with Smart Flow Efficiency Tracker. Measure all the steps of your surgery process, find bottlenecks and optimize them.

Recent implementations

Sierra Veterinary Specialists, Reno

Pilchuck, Snohomish

Idaho Equine, Boise

AMSC, Scottsdale

UVS, Pittsburgh

PET+E.R., Columbia

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Save trees while saving pets!

By choosing Smart Flow, you aren’t just helping to save animals, time, and money. You’re also helping to save trees. Going paperless in your practice is a huge step in contributing to conservation efforts for our environment. Not only will your patients thank you; so will the wildlife whose habitat you are helping to keep intact!

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