General practice

Gone are the days of messy, unorganized whiteboards that no one remembers to update. Now you can have an uber organized, always updated whiteboard for your outpatients!

General practice
Boarding Drop off Form

Digitalize your boarding admission forms, which can include photos of pets’ personal items.

General practice
Boarding Whiteboard

Keep track of requested procedures using the digital whiteboard: never send a pet home without performing that nail trim or ear check again!

General practice
Owners update

Impress your clients and call them proactively on how their pets are doing in your boarding 5-start resort. All residents statuses are visible at a glance!

Recent implementations

Sierra Veterinary Specialists, Reno

Pilchuck, Snohomish

Idaho Equine, Boise

AMSC, Scottsdale

UVS, Pittsburgh

PET+E.R., Columbia

Smart Flow boarding

If you work in a veterinary clinic that offers specialized boarding services, Smart Flow will get you covered. We have a special mode & corresponding templates that make managing a handful of boarded pets a breeze. Once set up, all patients placed into the boarding department will only have fixed time templates available to them.

Making sure the whole boarding department or even a dedicated boarding facility works like a charm is no easy feat. Special treatments for each pet, tight schedule of feeding and walks, all these aspects of a boarding facility fits Smart Flow whiteboard perfectly. You can even keep owner instructions as notes, always available in a single click.

On top of that, you can move a patient from boarding department to an ICU or, from a post-op to the boarding, keeping all the history of a patient intact, such as the walks, food, therapies and other. Smart Flow offers the same level of precision and control to the veterinary boarding department as it does for ICU or surgery.

Your colleagues from a referral hospital will be both happy about the level of details and a little bit jealous (until they'll get Smart Flow too).

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Save trees while saving pets!

By choosing Smart Flow, you aren’t just helping to save animals, time, and money. You’re also helping to save trees. Going paperless in your practice is a huge step in contributing to conservation efforts for our environment. Not only will your patients thank you; so will the wildlife whose habitat you are helping to keep intact!

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