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At Smart Flow, we are revolutionizing in-patient care and helping you avoid missed charges, late treatments, and inefficient workflows!

This is where Smart Flow was born: to ease the daily struggle of having to fill out flowsheets. Think about it this way, 10 minutes making a single flowsheet per each patient, say six patients that night, that's an entire hour spent making flowsheets, that could have been better spent taking care of the hospitalized patients.

We believe in a digital flowsheet. We created with efficiency in mind, so it does a lot of heavy lifting for you. Calculate for you, check, template the common procedures, check, highlights and reminders, check. Some of the veterinary technicians don't take our word for that up until the point they see how awesome our flowsheet is.

It's easy to fill the flowsheet itself, using the easy-to-use interface that you can navigate even in gloves. If you need to change something you wrote – just delete it and try again. You can even add notes directly from the flowsheet. You can also add an IV catheter size and location, which will turn red after 72 hours to remind you to change it.

Things can change quickly with your hospitalized patients: say, you need to change from an outpatient treatment option to an inpatient option? No problem, you can switch the template at any time, and have it start immediately, or anytime in the future, with zero paper & time waste.

Forget about messy, handwritten flowsheets and whiteboards that no one can read.

With Smart Flow, you will get the benefits of:

  • Electronic patient flowsheets accessible from computers and iPads
  • Digital treatment whiteboards to easily monitor when all patients are due for treatments
  • Time-saving treatment templates
  • Automatic treatment reminders
  • Built-in diet, medication, and fluid calculators
  • Cloud-based syncing technology which allows the veterinarian to check in on a patient's status from anywhere!

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