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Don’t let your clients get bored and frustrated waiting. Improve your clients’ experience and keep your team in the loop at the same time with Smart Flow.

It’s always important to get the first impression right. For your patients’ owners, it’s the reception area that sets the mood and tempo of their current visit to the veterinary hospital.

Instead of ugly handwriting and misspelled names you just hand the Smart Flow-powered iPad to the owner, and she fills the admission form, on her own. As soon as the form is submitted a patient appears on the whiteboard and the reception manager doesn't do any re-typing, scanning or other mundane tasks.

Two aspects are at play here. First of all, you immediately engage the owner in a meaningful, relevant interaction which sets her mind to a constructive mode. If you have a very busy reception area, you can process multiple admission simultaneously, using as many iPads as you have.

Secondly, your reception manager can deliver more attention and service to the owner. Say a compliment, help with a cage, direct to the waiting area – all those tiny bits of service you expect from a decent veterinary hospital now doesn't break the admission workflow.

People at the back of the hospital would breathe a sigh of relief as well. Having a real-time communication channel between the front and the back will cut the paging drastically and instill the work pace that's suitable for the whole team.

The larger your practice, the more examination areas you have. Unfortunately, we know a handful of situations when veterinary patients can sit in room #1, and the doctor checked exam #3, saw nobody and switched to the next patient. It won't happen again because the whiteboard will contain not only the admission information but also room number.

Bringing a standardized workflow powered by Smart Flow to the veterinary reception will bring clarity to a somewhat chaotic area and keep all the participants on the same page.

Give your clients a first class first impression

Smart Flow will help you to manage your reception workflow with:

  • Client self check-in feature
  • Ability to track which rooms your patients are in
  • Timers to indicate how long patient has been waiting
  • Real-time sync, allowing your entire team to be “in the loop” on patient status
  • Significant improvement in communication between front and back areas of the hospital

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